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Who is

SIT Società Italiana Trasporti [lit. Italian Transport Company] was founded in 1967 in Milan as a company specialising in the implementation of customs procedures.Over the decades, thanks to a complex network of correspondents in Europe and in the rest of the world, the company has acquired significant know-how in the freight and logistics market.


Services Overland

We provide road services shipping all types of goods; from small packages to large ones

Servizi via terra

Services Sea

SIT can count on its cooperation with the main shipping companies for transporting in the main ports worldwide

Servizi via mare

Services Air

Collections and deliveries are guaranteed all over Italy by our daily shuttle service

Servizi via aerea


We are present

  • Italy
  • Asia
  • The World

Wherever you need to transport your goods by land, sea or air, we are able to support and meet your needs.




The desire to help to increase our customers’ competitiveness has led us to structure an efficient logistics network for transport and storage. Our goal is based on the desire to establish a bond of trust, in order to provide real added value, based on our focus on specific skills, so as to place the entire supply chain in good hands.